Is it Metal, Iron or Steel? Does it need installing? Need qualified and experienced workers?
We know what it takes to finish a project right. From planning for tight spaces to executing the project from beginning to end, we always go the extra mile to keep our customers satisfied. We offer steel cutting, grinding, and welding services in addition to building stairs, railings, and a variety of other infrastructure. We have served dozens of big name businesses in the United Kingdom along with many smaller ventures. No matter how big (or small) the project is, we will put our all into finishing it on time, on budget, and to your standards.
Please note! We are an installation company, we do not supply steelwork.

The technicians at UK Iron Fighters have vast experience in a variety of site welding jobs. They are fully-trained with diverse backgrounds that will contribute to your job being finished on-time, on-budget, and above your expectations. Each kind of welding project calls for a different type of welding. Three most popular and efficient types of welds are TIG, MIG, and ARC

If you're in need of a professional team to handle your steel erection or any project consisting of steel, iron, or metal work, we can help. Our team of trained technicians has vast experience with a variety of different projects, big and small. Our experienced techs will be able to finish your project safely and in a timely manner.

If you have architect designs and need someone to bring your paper project to life, UK Iron Fighters may be just who you need. Our team of experienced, fully-trained technicians will be able to take your project requirements and architect designs into fruition with high-quality, on-site fabrications that exceed your expectations.



We Build Britain!

At UK Iron Fighters, we specialize in steel fabrication, erection, and welding. We can take your project and finish it from beginning to end, on-time and on-budget. When we commit to a project, we truly commit to finishing it to our high standards. At UK Iron Fighters, we know our customers are busy. We won't waste your time or drag out the job just for the sake of clocking in another day. You have things to get to, and so do we! We are always respectful and mindful of our clients time, schedules, and specific needs.
Before giving you a quote, we will take the time to sit down with you and discuss your project. We'll give you realistic timeframes to finish it, and we'll stand by our promises. When you ask for a quote, you can be certain it's fair and honest based on all of the information we have about your project.

On-site fabrication project, millimetre perfect glass frame along with stairs being suspended and having the floating look.
Other works completed on site including internal stair case, balustrading and louvre support rails, Dry Riser.

Structural Steel works main structure 5 tonne suspended stair case and re-installation of canopy around structure.
Other works on site included lift shaft, cat ladders, dry risers with open grid flooring and bin sheds.