Steel Oxy-fuel & Plasma Cutting
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What Is It?
Oxy-fuel cutting
are processes that use fuel gases and oxygen to weld and cut metals,  Pure oxygen, instead of air, is used to increase the flame temperature to allow localized melting of the work-piece material in a room environment. A common propane/air flame burns at about 2,250 K (1,980°C; 3,590°F), a propane/oxygen flame burns at about 2,526 K (2,253°C; 4,087°F), an oxyhydrogen flame burns at 3,073 K (2,800°C; 5,072°F), and an acetylene/oxygen flame burns at about 3,773 K (3,500°C; 6,332°F).
Oxy-fuel is one of the oldest welding processes, besides forge welding. In recent decades it has been obsolesced in almost all industrial uses due to various arc welding methods offering more consistent mechanical weld properties and faster application.

In oxy-fuel cutting, a torch is used to heat metal to its kindling temperature. A stream of oxygen is then trained on the metal, burning it into a metal oxide that flows out of the kerf as slag. Torches that do not mix fuel with oxygen (combining, instead, atmospheric air) are not considered oxy-fuel torches and can typically be identified by a single tank (oxy-fuel cutting requires two isolated supplies, fuel and oxygen). Most metals cannot be melted with a single-tank torch. Consequently, single-tank torches are typically suitable for soldering and brazing but not for welding.

Steel Plasma cutting is a technique that uses a high velocity jet of ionized gas shooting through a small, restricted barrel. The high velocity gas or, plasma will conduct electricity from the torch of the cutting tool and project it towards the work piece. The result: the plasma will heat up the work piece, melting away the material. The high velocity stream will blow away the molten metal, severing the material.

The Uses
Plasma cutting has a variety of uses, and it is ideal for cutting steel and any other non-ferrous material that is 1m wide or smaller. Plasma cutting is much quicker than traditional cutting methods, and with large projects, the use of a plasma cutter could shave hours off the time it will take to complete it.
Plasma cutting is preferred when it comes to cutting expanding metal. Since it is typically much faster to use a plasma cutter than an alternative, like oxy-fuel, plasma cutting is a popular method. It is also employed to make non-linear cuts since it can do so easily.

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